We are thrilled to have raised over $271,000 ($169K inside Kickstarter and $102K outside) from 2,649 backers with our second Kickstarter, making in total nearly $500K and 4,250 backers this film movement has attracted to date. Thanks to 1,601 backers from our first Kickstarter, we now have a breakout concept short film that sold nearly 10,000 tickets worldwide, rating at 8.7 stars on IMDb!

All key cast and crew from our concept short film are also attached to our full feature, including Ben Cross (Star Trek), Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman), Karina Lombard (Legends of The Fall), David Atherton (Dances With Wolves), Kristi Hoffman (The Revenant), and Clifton Chippewa (Gran Torino).

THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF OUR CONCEPT SHORT FILM IS TO INSPIRE THE FUNDS FOR OUR FULL FEATURE. Those who fund it will likely be found among people you know. Please invite your friends to watch our concept short film and support this movement. You can watch our concept short film trailer below:

We have now entered a "now or never" funding phase. We must raise the full $40M needed to produce our full feature or it will never be made. We are currently taking investments from accredited investors, now through December of 2019 (the "Raise Period"). During the Raise Period, investment funds are NOT spent. They are held in a separate holding account until we reach full funding. At the end of the Raise Period, you will either get your invested funds back in full OR (if we reach $40M) all funds will be released to produce our full feature and you will get an amazing film with profit share potential. The first of 7 films, if our first one is profitable. 

If you are considering an investment in our full feature, contact us directly for a FREE private screener of our concept short film and for investment information (323) 389-5323.

Now, we also need funds we CAN spend to hire additional writers and producers. So, in addition to investing, you can support the making of our full feature by purchasing a copy of our concept short film on our Indiegogo campaign OR you can pledge a donation right here on our site below in any amount you like.

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