400 A.D., in a forgotten time of Ancient America, a lone Hebraic fugitive must preserve the history of his fallen nation while being hunted by a ruthless tyrant. But rescuing the King's abused mistress could awaken a warrior's past.

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The Oath is a momentous culmination of a 13-year journey to produce the first Ancient American epic set in the pre-Columbian New World. A period/action/adventure/romance like The Last of The Mohicans and Mark Burnett's The Bible with hints of Romeo and Juliet, only set in Fifth Century A.D. Ancient AmericaThe Oath is a full-length feature film based on a crowdfunded pilot short film with 14,000+ backers and a best-selling historical book, which sold over 150M copiesA faith-inspired film for ALL people, regardless of creed, as it does not wear its religion on its sleeve. Starring Billy Zane (Titanic), Karina Lombard (Legends of The Fall), and Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman) and scored by 2-time Emmy Award-winning composer, Trevor Morris (Vikings).  The Oath is a tale of survival, faith, honor, virtue, and life after death underscored by the lone General of an ancient republic and his final stand for freedom.

Audience testing has confirmed, The Oath is a powerful and entertaining epic, teeming with messages of unity, peace, and an ancient warning our contentious and polarized world so desperately needs. Audiences are left profoundly impacted by this hero’s journey with breathtaking cinematography and an Oscar-worthy score by 2-time Emmy-award winner, Trevor Morris.

We live in a time when freedom, truth, and goodness are controversial. Let this end December 8th and forever, when the world sees The Oath! With your help, The Oath will reach millions. With your help, The Oath will change the world!

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