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50 PACK of REGION-FREE BLU-RAY + DVDs (playable in any region)! 13 years in the making, The Oath was produced to the highest filmmaking standards. Starring Billy Zane (Titanic), Karina Lombard (Legends of The Fall), Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman), and Darin Scott (Yellowstone). Majestically scored by 2-time Emmy Winner, Trevor Morris (Vikings). Purchasing (and sharing) this bulk savings product right now helps recoup The Oath's production costs more than any other purchase. This, in turn, helps us make more movies for you to enjoy! Prefer streaming? In the age when convenience is king, remember, BLU-RAY picture and sound are still far superior than streaming. Blu-rays also still play when the internet breaks! Bring back the nostalgia of gifting a movie to a loved one--get HUGE bulk savings with this 50 pack to share The Oath with others. With newly-authored menus and an hour of exclusive bonus content (extras), this Blu-ray/DVD combo 50-pack gives you plenty of copies to share while saving you $751 off regular price + FREE USA SHIPPING. With our 50-packs you're getting The Oath Blu-ray + DVDs at our COST. Even if you purchase The Oath on a streaming service, we encourage buying physical copies to display, gift, and share in your home.

  • Running time: 103 minutes
  • PG-13 for violent content
  • 1 hour of BONUS CONTENT
  • Identical (mirror) content on Blu-ray & DVD

Alternatively, our same Blu-ray/DVD movie extras, together with the exclusive 4K version of The Oath are available on our preferred platform, AppleTV